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Client since 2005


The earlier KTM logo featured a plane and an automobile. The new logo is fresher, simpler and speaks to a broader market. Though the company serves mainly aerospace and automotive, manufacturers are also in the mix. The colors have gone from lime greens and teals to a bolder navy and red. This new logo should serve them well for years to come.


The new KTM website speaks specifically to their main markets of Mechanical and Aerospace with two ways to enter the site. Tabbed services organize their offerings, provide imagery, and present a clear call-to-action. The site is very clean and has been an effective tool for driving new business.


Over the years, KTM has retained "top of mind awareness" with their repeat clients and new prospects through postcard campaigns. In the past, we produced every card with a very different style and message. Now we are creating year-long campaigns, keeping the design and messaging consistent, yet fresh.

"Quote from Janice here..."

Janice Butler



Recruiting Brochures

Rack Cards


These displays were created for a conference and meant to engage the viewer while waiting to speak to my client at their booth. Both highlight differentiators...responsiveness (On Demand) and total solution (Turnkey). The look is clean and organized – as is everything we produce for KTM. The brand colors take front seat.

Creativity Knows No Bounds

"We have worked with Sandy for over 10 years! She is a brilliant graphic artist and her creativity knows no bounds. Sandy is very professional, yet fun to work with. She listens well and has taken the time to understand our needs for a myriad of projects…everything from websites to print media to wall art to logos. She responds quickly and has come to the rescue more times than I can count. We see very tangible benefits from the website and marketing campaigns she has created for KTM Solutions! "


– Ginger Kumler, KTM Solutions

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